LIFECO ASSOCIATES, INC. (“LIFECO”) is a life and health insurance agency in business since 1987 and affiliated with JEDI MANAGEMENT, INC.  It is licensed to place life and health insurance (including disability and long-term care) for individuals, families, businesses and other entities. Additionally, LIFECO offers reviews of existing insurance coverage(s) for the insured and/or owner as to the status and relevant features of all in-force policies.

As management consultants, we do not view insurance the same way many traditional insurance agents do.   Our perspective is always that of an advisor whose primary objective is to assist our clients in meeting their goals and objectives.  As an independent firm LIFECO represents you, the insurance applicant, not the insurance company.  We have the ability to access a variety of carriers in search of the most suitable insurance coverage, rather than being tied to only a handful of companies and products.  LIFECO attempts to place insurance with highly rated carriers, subject to underwriting considerations.

The areas of insurance are fairly involved and complex since the products available are numerous and continually undergoing change.  Educating individuals and firms so they understand what types of insurance coverage are needed, based upon their unique facts and circumstances, is a valuable benefit LIFECO wants its clients to have.  Different types of insurance can and should comprise a critical component of one's financial and/or business plan, providing essential coverage for family members, business owners and employees.

LIFECO's emphasis is on integrity, professionalism and technical competence on behalf of its clients.

For information about JEDI MANAGEMENT, INC., please visit us at www.jedimgt.com.


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